Sample Positioning


research at beamlines and beamline equipment

Beamlines and end stations harness the radiation of the scattering facility for spectroscopic or microscopic investigations of materials and samples. Typically, with optical sources, the raw light needs to be filtered, focused, and generally further processed before it is in a state that can be used in an experiment in a meaningful way. Additionally, the sample itself also needs to be positioned with respect to the radiation, and the accuracy of this movement will help determine the final resolution of the setup. Increasingly, the expectation of users is that experiments can be carried out with spatial resolution on the nanometer level. To meet this standard, all components involved in the processing of the light and the sample as well need to be positioned with respect to each other with nanometer accuracy. attocube's motion solutions offer closed loop positioning with the highest accuracy by combining interferometric sensors and nanopositioners in integrated setups to minimize time to result.

Research Fields

  • high-pressure synchrotron X-ray probes / measurement solutions
  • sample positioning & movement detection
  • X-ray microscopy

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