Large Scale Facilities

Large Scale Facilities

precision components for particle accelerator infrastructure and beamlines 

Particle accelerators including synchrotrons are the key to gain deeper understanding about the building blocks of matter and their origin. Particle and nuclear physicists use high energy particle collisions to proof subatomic theories, like the existence of the Higgs boson. Material researchers, biologists and chemists use the extremely powerful X-Ray radiation emitted by the accelerated particles to analyze e.g. protein or semiconductor structures in the beamline end stations.

To allow such atomic and subatomic analyses the position of the bending magnets, which guide the particle beam, must be controlled with highest precision. Furthermore, the emitted X-Ray beam needs to be filtered, shaped and aligned to the sample with nanometer precision.

attocube´s high precision components enable ultra precise magnet, optics and sample positioning. The vacuum compatibility and interferometric closed-loop options offer highest X-Ray imaging resolution for sophisticated synchrotron applications.  

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