metrology solutions for ground testing and ground-based observatories

Outer space plays an important role for our life on earth. While the observation of the universe with large telescopes helps us to understand the bigger picture of our past and future, also daily life is hardly imaginable without satellite-based communication or weather forecasting.  

These unique space systems have one thing in common. To reliably collect or transmit information over extreme distances through vacuum and atmosphere, the structure´s precision and stability is crucial. This is especially demanding for satellites, as they face extreme conditions during launch and in space.  

Advanced metrology for extensive ground testing is crucial to prevent cost intensive system failures. attocube´s interferometer sensor IDS3010 offers long working ranges, vacuum compatibility and operation at extreme temperatures. It is perfectly suited for stability analysis of large structures, even during thermal-vacuum testing.

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cyber® reaction wheel

Our mother company Wittenstein offers further expertise in space applications: Their compact cyber® reaction wheel is designed for attitude control used in pico or nano satellites. Due to its cube shape with integrated electronic control it can be used in several configurations. For more information visit the WITTENSTEIN website