Curvature Measurement for Lens Inspection

Curvature Measurement for Lens Inspection

fast & accurate sample positioning

Metrology is a critical piece of the optics fabrication process, and fabrication of high quality, advanced optics is often seriously hampered by the lack of accurate and affordable metrology. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it.” Comprehensive metrology improves the efficiency, flexibility, capability and reliability of any optics manufacturer. Phase measuring interferometry has proven to be a precise, accurate, and flexible metrology technology.  The metrology systems have to measre ever bigger lenses, with increasing accuracy and more extensive information. This requires a sensor, which allows high precision position tracking of the relative movements between interferometric probe and lense in multiple axis.

attocube's solution

attocube´s IDS3010 interferometer sensor offers ultra-precise and continuous displacement measurement over high ranges and the modular design offers simultaneous 3 Channel measurements.



  • nanometer precision
  • UHV compatibility up to 5e-11 mbar
  • course & fine movement