Fiber Array Alignment

Fiber Array Alignment

ultra precise fiber postitioning

For optical data transmission fibers need to be precisely attached to different components.

A wide variety of components is used for optical, photonic and electronics modules, simultaneously their complexity increases. Therefore, it is inevitably necessary to have suitable and reliable products to be one of the leading providers in the field of micro assembling. The fundament for the assembly of photonic devices is particularly precision.

attocube's solution

As attocube ECS stages can be driven in coarse as well as fine positioning mode the fiber can easily be moved on a mm level to the desired position and than be adjusted on a nm level with highest precision. Piezo driven stages also distinguish themself with its long term stability when a specific position needs to be held. Different positioners can be stacked to multi-axis solutions. 



  • nanometer precision
  • UHV compatibility up to 5e-11 mbar
  • course & fine movement