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Closed-Cycle Cryostats

attoDRY series

The dependence on liquid helium continues to involve heavy logistics, high prices and insecure supplies. Consequently, closed-cycle cryostats are becoming more and more popular in all areas involving measurements at variable or low temperatures. With the attoDRY series, attocube provides unique cryogen-free cryostats with unmatched and proven low mechanical vibrations, unprecedented low acoustic noise levels, and exceptional temperature stability. Hence, they are especially useful for scientific applications such as microscopy and optical spectroscopy, but also transport measurements.

Besides, our systems have been optimized for fast turnaround times and hence enable a maximum number of measurement cycles in a minimum amount of time. Superconducting magnets in the form of single solenoids or vector magnets are available for measurements in high magnetic fields. Last but not least, special emphasis has been put into the ease of use through automation of routine procedures such as temperature and magnetic field control (read more about why to chose a closed-cycle cryostat here).

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Ultra-Low Vibration

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Large Sample Space

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Temperature Stability