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Interferometer Sensor

IDS3010 miniaturized displacement measurement

certified accuracy

accuracy in nanometer range, PTB- and NIST-traceable

large distance range

from a few mm up to 30 m

compact and modular design

sensor heads Ø 1.2 mm, pluggable fibers and sensors

vacuum and clean room compatible

10-10 mbar .. 10 bar, a few mK .. 423 K

The IDS3010 (Interferometric Displacement Sensor) measures displacements (incremental distance) in the nanometer range. The modular and miniaturized design of the IDS3010 makes it easy to adapt all three measurement axes to a broad variety of applications.

With its compact size, the IDS3010 displacement measuring interferometer can be directly integrated into machines and is the product of choice for challenging OEM & synchrotron applications. A passively cooled housing minimizes noise and vibrations, and avoids disturbing other optical and electrical components.

For even more confined applications, sensor heads can be remotely operated and interconnected via glass fibers. The Fabry-Perot technology of the displacement measuring interferometer enables sensor heads with less components and thus more stable measurements.

A broad spectrum of digital and analog real-time interfaces and protocols enables the simple transmission of position data. The high-speed interfaces for real-time data communication are AquadB, proprietary serial word (HSSL), synthetic analog sin/cos/ and a linear analog output signal. All signals can be outputted as either single-ended (LVTTL) or differential (LVDS).


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Services - How can we support you?

Loan Kit

Since each application has its own constraints and interfaces, it is best to test the sensor under real conditions. For checking the applicability and performance of the laser interferometer for your specific set-up, attocube offers a two weeks loan service for the IDS3010.

Test Measurements

Limited space conditions, specific targets, or requirements on angular tolerances can jeopardize the technical feasibility of a measurement. In some cases, the applicability can only be approved when conducting respective tests. attocube offers a service to evaluate the technical feasibility of special measurement tasks.

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