3-dimensional sample rotator module

in-situ eucentric two-axes sample rotation

turn single solenoid into strong 3D vector magnet

chip carrier socket with non-magnetic pogo pins

quick sample exchange with reliable contacts
resistive encoders for closed loop operation
program complex rotation schemes

The atto3DR double rotation module provides access to the full magnetic field (e.g. 9 T) in all directions relative to the sample surface. Thus, instead of rotating the magnetic field, the sample can be arbitrarily oriented with respect to a fixed external magnetic field vector. Featuring an eucentric rotation (i.e. the two axes of rotation intersect in the center of sample, which is fixed in space), this makes available a much larger phase space as compared to conventional vector magnets, where the field vector is rotated instead. The reason is that split coil configurations generally do not achieve such high field values, despite being significantly more expensive.

The module comes fully wired and equipped with a convenient leadless ceramic chip carrier (LCCC) socket with 20 contacts, making sample exchange a quick and easy task. All parts are non-magnetic, and are compatible with all attoCRYO setups with a 2” sample space and exchange gas cooling – whether it is a dry or a liquid setup. The atto3DR allows for rotation around a horizontally fixed axis, and an additional in-plane axis. This enables a ±90° tilt between sample surface and field, as well as another ±90° of in-plane rotation. Thus, any relative orientation between sample and field is accessible.

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