expert transport measurement solution

Integrated software control of all parameters

fully automate complex measurements

in-situ eucentric two-axes sample rotation

turn single solenoid into strong 3D vector magnet

Nanonis TrameaTM fast multi-channel electronics

replace a full rack of electronics with 1 device

Magneto-transport measurements are mostly conducted at variable temperatures and in high magnetic fields; often requiring an arbitrary orientation of the sample in the external field. So far, such measurements have proven to be somewhat cumbersome: expensive vector magnets yielding only limited 3D field strengths, high running costs due to liquid helium, as well as time-consuming software integration of various 3rd party instruments. Thanks to a cooperation between SPECS Zurich and attocube systems, a new user-friendly platform has been developed, which allows for the exploration of a very large phase space at cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields. The software integration of our dry magnet cryostat attoDRY2100, a 3D sample rotator (atto3DR) and a powerful measurement electronic (Nanonis Tramea™) combines flexibility & automation of measurement routines with unprecedented speed and signal quality.

The Nanonis Tramea™ includes up to 48 analog inputs and outputs, up to 8 lock-in modules, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, a multi-functional user interface as well as several programming interfaces incl. realtime scripting. Furthermore, the software integrates the automatic control of temperature (1.65 .. 300 K) and magnetic field (9T or more) of the dry cryostat attoDRY2100, as well as an arbitrary orientation between sample surface and magnetic field direction given by the 3D sample rotator atto3DR. Hence, generic n-dimensional sweeps of arbitrary parameters combined with data acquisition are easily possible with only one electronic device.

measurement tools, attotms, atto3dr


3D sample rotator

  • rotate your sample – not the magnet!
  • full magnetic field (e.g. 9 T) in 3D – stronger than any vector magnet!
  • 20 pin chip carrier for fast sample exchange
measurement tools, attotms, attodry2100


variable temperature magnet system

  • temperature range: 1.65 .. 300 K
  • cryogen-free, fully automated T & B control
  • full field @ 300 K & field cooling possible
measurement tools, attotms, tramea

Nanonis TrameaTM

multi purpose high speed digital electronics

  • 8 .. 48 analog outputs (DC, lock-ins, AWGs,...)
  • 8 .. 24 analog inputs (multimeters, lock-ins, digitizers, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers,...)
  • no physical re-wiring required – switch between wiring schemes digitally