Confocal Microscope Platforms

Confocal Microscope Platforms

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Originating from our co-founder Prof. Karrai's university laboratory at LMU in Munich, attocube has been pioneering research with cryogenic confocal microscope platforms from the start of the 21st century. The ability to perform photoluminescence measurements on single photon sources such as quantum dots at cryogenic and variable temperatures with free-beam optics, over extended measurement periods due to the scarce optical signals with high stability and low drift was greatly facilitated by the patented designs of our cryogenic nanopositioners as well as our optical measurement insert.

Today, our portfolio of confocal microscope platforms includes several instruments for free-beam and fiber-based quantum optics spectroscopy in reflection as well as transmission mode.

In combination with our attoDRY series closed-cycle cryostats, even the most complex confocal measurement techniques are feasible, with or without high magnetic fields generated by superconducting magnets. Our unique cryogenic LT-APO apochromatic objectives with several different working distances and high numerical aperture cover a large wavelength range from UV to near-infrared, and allow for high collection efficiency and extremely low drift.

The confocal microscope platforms can also be used for variable temperature micro-Raman spectroscopy to investigate new phenomena in materials such as graphene & 2D materials, nanotubes and nanowires, superconductors and multiferroics just to name a few.

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