Customized Microscopes

Customized Microscopes

for low temperature

Working at the forefront of science sometimes requires completely new instrumentation. attocube is constantly monitoring new trends in research as well as collaborating with many of the world’s leading scientists to support significant breakthroughs with new techniques. This has resulted in several sophisticated material characterization tools, which have provided our customers a competitive edge in their fields.

attocube has gained and maintained a reputation in the scientific community for making almost anything possible. Obviously, this always involves a mutual discussion and agreement about development costs vs. price, level of integration and delivery time. As shown on the following pages, this trade-off has resulted in outstanding instruments which have produced excellent research results, some of which might not have been achieved without attocube’s involvement. It is these instruments in particular that make attocube proud since with them, we truly enable scientific progress.

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Customized to Individual Needs

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