Scanning Probe Microscopes

Scanning Probe Microscopes

for low temperature

attocube’s Scanning Probe Microscopes cover a wide range of dedicated research tools for nanoscale imaging within our microscope portfolio. Many of these instruments are based on well-established techniques in nanoscience, which have been adopted and optimized for low temperature and high magnetic field operation exclusively by attocube. Despite the additional complexity due to such extreme environments, we are striving to design our scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) so that the difference between room and low temperature operation fades away.

Our measurement options provide user-friendly instrumental platforms for the characterization of materials properties on the nanoscale via SPM such as magnetic force microscopy (MFM), piezo-response force microscopy (PFM), Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM), conducting-tip AFM (c-AFM) or scanning Hall probe microscopy (SHPM), as well as for optical characterization of quantum objects via confocal microscopy (CFM) and Raman spectroscopy.

With a large number of installed systems, the key features of these instruments are proven performance, flexibility and ease of use. All systems have been standardized to offer cost- effective solutions, addressing the majority of experimental SPM requirements.

Our scanning probe microscopes also address the needs of experts in the various fields of applications due to the open signal architecture of our powerful and flexible ASC500 SPM controller. All in- and output signals are accessible via front panel BNCs, and can hence easily be monitored, stored and used for additional control loops or spectroscopies. Last but not least, our unique closed loop scan option allows for global sample navigation over the complete range of the microscope at cryogenic temperatures, and hence enables the retrieval of regions of interest very precisely.

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