Customized Nanopositioning Solutions

Almost decades ago, attocube developed the first ever, commercial piezoelectric nanopositioner for cryogenic use. This has enabled a multitude of novel experiments and widened the possibilities of researchers around the world. Since then attocube tackled some of the other well-known positioning issues facing the scientific community as well as industrial application requirements.

These efforts result in a broad portfolio, with positioners designed to handle extreme environments; small enough to fit on a tip of a finger, to highly stable, multi-axis systems for clean and repeatable tasks in vacuum or ambient environments.

We at attocube care about your application requirements, your budget, and your results, offering positioning solutions with exceptional dynamic force, high performance and stability for applications in room temperature, vacuum, radiation, or extreme cryogenic conditions.  

Whether it is test measurements, incorporation of your own components or just consulting on integration of stages, attocube is your trusted partner for your high precision positioning needs. Contact us with your application and together we can realize your idea.