cryoRaman webinar-keyvisual.png

Raman Imaging & Spectroscopy at its Limits: Cryogenic Temperatures, Short Wavenumbers, High Magnetic Fields, and Polarization Control

In this online demo you will:

  • be introduced to cryogenic Raman microscopy
  • see exciting demonstration measurements, including temperature series, magnetic field dependence, short wavenumbers, and more
  • learn about the opportunities and challenges of cryogenic magneto-optics




Moiré Excitons in 2D Semiconductor Heterostructures 

In this online demo you will learn:

  • what is the benefit of using layered 2D materials for creating superlattices
  • how to use them to realize arrays of circularly polarized quantum emitters
  • how to use them to study many-body physics at liquid Helium temperatures that was previously only accessible in nano-Kelvin atomic gasses and optical lattices
  • how to perform such measurements with the help of an attoDRY2100 and LT-APO
  • …and why the mechanical stability and resolution of the attoCFM confocal microscopy insert was crucial to their research